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ASA -American Sand Association : One of the most  important efforts we can all make is to educate ourselves on our sand dunes of choice and what we can do to preserve our right to use them for motorized recreation. One of the better sites for this information is the American Sand Association or “ASA”. The American Sand Association is exactly what the name implies… an association. There are no secret handshakes, no funny hats. It is, for lack of a better term, a "gathering spot" for people of like minds to join together for fun, activism, information and support. As the banner reads, the goal of the American Sand Association is to Unite, Inform and Mobilize.  The ASA is a non-profit 501c(7) organization managed and promoted by an all-volunteer army. The continued success of the American Sand Association depends heavily on continued monetary support from its members and the surrounding OHV community.


UDG - United Desert Gateway : The United Desert Gateway is  a nonprofit public benefit corporation comprised of representatives from the Brawley Chamber of Commerce, El Centro Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau and the Yuma County Chamber of Commerce.  The specific purpose of the corporation is the promotion and safety of off-road vehicle recreational activities in the Imperial County and surrounding communities.   The ISDRA is managed by the BLM and provides world-class off-highway vehicle recreation opportunities to hundreds of thousands of OHV enthusiasts each year.  It is also a major component of the Yuma, AZ and Imperial Valley economies. The agreement will also help the UDG communities help preserve their local communities by increasing local support and appreciation for the economic value of public lands to the region.

Dune : This site is dedicated to promoting dunes and dune related safety.  Through education and thoughtful discussion about a variety of    subjects including safe “duneing” practices, safe and courteous camping and RV and towing safety, we are hoping to effect a social change that will ripple throughout the “duneing” community and change the public's perception of us as a group. There are a lot of groups out there fighting in the political arena to keep the dunes open and more accessible, but they believe that without this social change and a shift in public perception, those fights will never be won.  They state that perhaps they are being idealists in trying to start this non partisan effort, but it is a challenge they are more than willing to tackle and hope that you will join them along the way because they can't do it without you!!!

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